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Carry on Tradition

Posted: June 11th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Integrity, Lifestyles, Personal Aspirations, Professional Personality | Tags: , , , , | 3 Comments »

About 8 years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to carry the Olympic Torch in Colorado Springs. To this date, it is one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. Not because I felt I had achieved something, but because it was a moment of clarity for me. At that point when I carried the torch, I knew I wasn’t just carrying the torch for me, instead I carried the torch for everyone who had helped me, be me. Its not that I had blinders on thinking that I had went through life without being influenced. It was just at that point when I carried the torch, that things became so much more clearer to me.

In this age of different being better, the past being wilted, and an undying lust for knowing what the future holds; remember to take time to think of those individuals that have brought us to the present. In order for us to keep moving forward, I think its truly important for us to continue to honor the impact of the people who have left a fingerprint on us. I am guilty of not doing this. I am even more guilty of feeling that I have to make these grandiose efforts. When in fact it is the continuous little efforts that add up.

Many times we look at failing businesses and institutions, after long success, and ask how did they lose their way. Many times it is because the company went away from the legacy that was left before them. The incumbent leadership changes the path and direction that the founders set before them. These new torch holders use excuses like, the business changed, or we had to evolve. Those are probably all true statements, but probably at the core of all their problems, is the lack of honor for those that carried the torch before them. Obviously this does not apply in all cases, but I would guess there is a trace of this in many instances.

I have been inspired to take on a project to remember the legacy of someone who has left an imprint on me, but I have shelved the idea many times. Not until very recently, due to a random act of kindness from someone, was I injected with the motivation pick this idea back up. I want to take time to encourage you to carry on tradition. Carry on the love, the knowledge, and the legacy of those who have impacted you. Its not only important to show honor to them to show appreciation, but as you honor them, you honor yourself.

  • Damon

    Hey Lawrence, I love this post. I’ve been meaning to ask you how did this opportunity come about? I want to do it too. Lol

  • Lawrence

    Thanks Damon! Yeah it was a wonderful experience.

  • http://Website Chris Chandler

    I like this post Lawrence! You’re so very right about keeping up the small acts rather than letting them pass to the way side and then trying to make up for it with one big, often less meaningful makeup act. I really agree that this can be a huge obstacle in our personal lives as well as many businesses. I’ve witnessed first hand experiences of being a patron of a new establishment or business in town, having a great experience the first time, but then noticing the decline in service and attention to customers once they have their base going. Small businesses of any kind, as well as large corporations need to remember that people buy their products/services, we all too often use the word “customer” as a vague reference that I think we lose the meaning of. People are your customers and if you leave them behind, they soon will leave you too.