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How Often Do You Change Your Personal Brand? (Updated)

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In my original post, I posted a picture in which displayed an inaccurate representation.  Through further research at the design blog Brand New, they found that Coca-Cola did in fact change their logo.  Although this is the case, I still think the majority of my original post is accurate. What you’ll notice is that Coca-Cola did not abandon their script logo throughout the years.  In 1985, they fell of the wagon, but quickly got back on. I think the true issue with Pepsi is that they never invested into their script and at the end of the day, why have your brand emulate the other guy?  The argument of consistency, I think, is a mute point even after seeing the revised diagram.


Original Post.

I don’t begin to know a ton about baseball, but I do know that in order to be consistently successful at bat you have to find the sweet spot in your swing. This is basically the place where your swing is accurately on point with the pitch that is given to you. However what’s more important about all this is your consistency.  If your performance is not consistent, you can kiss finding that sweet spot goodbye.

The same example can be applied to your Personal Brand.  STAY CONSISTENT with your personal brand.  Your personal brand is the core of who you are. The more you change that, the more your peers and colleagues don’t know what to expect from you.  Adjustments are fine, all brands make refinements and aim to get better.  Just don’t change for the sake of changing.  If you do, you will forget what made you….you.

A bad example of brand inconsistency is with Pepsi.  Peep the picture. I think Pepsi is a better product personally (Oh you don’t agree, lets take the Pepsi challenge!!!) Guess which one is the number one brand in the beverage category and one of the biggest brands in the world….


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Source: Designer Daily, Brand New

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    This makes me wonder if there are any studies done relating to overall business success and brand/image/logo changing? It would be interesting to know if there is any research out there to prove that sticking to one logo (more or less) actually produces higher rates of return over the long term.